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The Pet Portrait Artist: Kaitlin Gabriel

Thornton's Master of the Pet Portrait - Full Interview


Amanda: Describe yourself (work, hobbies, interests, etc) outside of your pet portrait business.

Amanda: What initially sparked your interest in art and painting?

Amanda: How did you discover your passion for creating custom pet portraits?

Amanda: Can you share a bit about your artistic background and training?

Amanda: What led you to specialize in pet portraiture specifically?

Amanda: How do you balance your creative process with the business side of running your own art studio?

Amanda: Can you share any challenges you've faced in your journey as a professional artist, and how you've overcome them?

Behind the Brush: Business Insights

Amanda: What do you find most rewarding about bringing pets to life on canvas?

Amanda: How do you connect with your clients on a personal level to ensure their vision is reflected in the final portrait?

Amanda: How do you approach marketing and promoting your custom pet portrait services?

Amanda: What do you hope clients experience or feel when they receive one of your custom pet portraits?

Amanda: Can you share a memorable experience or story from a past client commission?

Amanda: How do you ensure each portrait captures the unique personality of the pet?

Amanda: What mediums and techniques do you use to bring the portraits to life?

Amanda: Can you describe your creative process from initial consultation to final delivery?

Amanda: How do you handle special requests or specific details from clients?

Amanda: Do you offer any additional services or products alongside your portrait commissions?

Amanda: How do you handle shipping and delivery of the finished portraits?

Amanda: How do you ensure client satisfaction throughout the portrait creation process?

Amanda: Are there any upcoming projects or developments in your business that you're excited about?

Amanda: What advice would you give to someone considering commissioning a custom pet portrait?

Amanda: How do you prioritize customer referrals, and do you offer any referral incentives?

Pet portrait by Kaitlin Gabriel on a cell phone with a superimposed

The Final Flourish

Amanda: How do you stay inspired and motivated in your artistic practice?

Kaitlin: I love to stay active in the art world. I go to galleries and small businesses that support local artists, and I assist many of my old art school friends in their businesses as well. It inspires me to see so much success and passion!

Amanda: What advice would you give to aspiring artists who are interested in pursuing a career in pet portraiture?

Amanda: What role do pets play in your life outside of your work as an artist?

Amanda: Can you share any testimonials or feedback from satisfied clients?

Amanda: Can you share where our audience can view examples of your work and get in touch to commission a portrait?

Amanda: Is there anything else you’d like our audience to know about you or your custom pet portrait business?



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