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Pet Sitting

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Pet Sitting Visits

Whether it’s a long day at the office, kid’s sports, or travel that keeps you away, you can trust Nibbles & Yips to step in and give your pets some love and attention. 

At Nibbles & Yips, we've got your back when it comes to pet sitting visits, also known as drop-in visits. Whether you need a quick check-in or a longer cuddle session, we've got you covered with our range of time options: 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Our experienced pet sitters will pamper your furry friends, ensuring they get all the love, attention, and care they deserve while you're away. So go ahead, schedule those errands, meetings, or vacations with peace of mind knowing your pets are in good hands. Let's keep those tails wagging!

What's involved?

One of our professional pet sitters will visit your pets in your home up to 4 times daily. You can choose the length of visit that suits you and your pets best. We understand that some pets are more social and want longer companionship while others just need some food and a quick safety check.

Visits may be scheduled for: Morning, Midday, Evening, and/or Late Night time blocks. When scheduling for multiple visits over multiple days, pets are never left unattended for more than 12 hours.

What's included?

  • GPS verified visit

  • Pet care (feeding, walking, watering, litter scooping, etc)

  • Plant watering (up to 5 plants)

  • Mail/package collection

  • Rotating lights

  • Take out trash (including bringing bins to and from the curb if needed)

  • Medication administration

How much is it?*

15 minutes

30 minutes

45 minutes

60 minutes

$20 / visit

$27 / visit

$36 / visit

$45 / visit

*Additional pets $5/each

Next steps...


Snoopy and Sadie love when Nibbles & Yips comes to check in on them! We used to drop our dogs off at a dog boarding company but as they have become older they prefer the peace and quiet of their own home. I know that our dogs and home are well taken care of when we go out of town because Nibbles & Yips sends us updates and pictures with every visit.

Thanks for everything, Amanda!

Devin Langer - Broomfield, CO

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Office Hours

Monday - Friday

7am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday

By appointment only.

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