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Why Choose Us?

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At Nibbles & Yips, we are driven by a deep compassion for all animals, especially those facing challenges like troubled pasts, anxiety, or aging. We understand that pet care is not just a service, but a deeply personal and tailored experience. Our mission is to stand by pet parents as trusted partners, integrating seamlessly into their family to provide the individualized attention and support their beloved companions deserve. Together, we strive to ensure that every pet in our care feels cherished, comfortable, and truly at home.

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Serenity Promise

At Nibbles & Yips, we understand that entrusting your beloved pets to our care is a decision of utmost importance. That's why we stand by our Serenity Promise, a commitment rooted in our core values and unwavering dedication to excellence. Here's what it means for you:


Open, Honest, Transparent Communication: We promise to provide clear and honest communication with with your, offering comprehensive visit reports that include both positive and constructive feedback while maintaining unconditional love for your pet.


Meeting Pets Where They Are: We promise to strive to understand your pet's individual needs and personality, tailoring our care to help them thrive and reach their full potential. This includes continuous self-improvement as caregivers and partnering with you to support your training and pet health care routines.


Professionalism and Integrity: We promise to uphold our reputation as an accredited, professional pet care provider. We base our recommendations on our training, education, and extensive professional experience, ensuring the highest standards of service while never betraying the your trust.


Exceeding Expectations at Affordable Rates: We promise to provide exceptional service that surpasses expectations while maintaining affordability for your family. Our competitive rates within the industry reflect our dedication to delivering value and quality care to every pet in our care.

Customized, Pet-Centered Care: We promise to prioritize the individual needs of your pet, offering personalized care that prioritizes their well-being and happiness without compromise.

With Nibbles & Yips' Serenity Promise, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furry family members are in the best hands possible.

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The Nibbles & Yips Difference

No extra fee for weekends

No late booking fees

One-on-one care for pets (no pack walks)

Dedicated sitter/walker

All pet sitters and dog walkers are Pet First Aid Certified

Web/app based booking software ensuring clear communication and scheduling

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Office Hours

Monday - Friday

7am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday

By appointment only.

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